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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I've Been Published!

Well, no, my writing hasn't been published. But I designed a sock knitting pattern which was accepted for publication by an online knitting magazine. The great thing about it is that, although all the patterns are free, each designer is paid a nice little sum by the magazine.
If any of you are knitters, go and check it out HERE!
It's really quite a simple pattern; it would be a great way to try knitting socks or knitting stranded colorwork for the first time. There are two versions of it: the one pictured here, and another one using only three colors instead of five. The color combinations are endless!
One thing I really enjoyed about designing the pattern was how everything seemed to work out perfectly. The little diamond motifs are a 6-stitch repeat, which works out perfectly for a 9 to 9 1/2 " foot circumference knitted at 8 stitches an inch. Everything just flowed out of that.
However, designing the other two sizes took a bit more work. I feel like I learned a lot just from working with the editor of Knitty; sometimes it got pretty frustrating, but I think I'm better prepared now to work with an editor if I ever try to get my writing published.
I am very happy with my pattern, and all the back-and-forth .docs and all the charting and recharting were worth it in the end.

Interlock Socks
designed by Laura Andrews