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I found out about this and loved the idea of a code, and the implied pledge, that would make readers comfortable knowing that the author they are reviewing is going to act in a professional manner.
I've gotten a few negative reviews in my life, and you know what? It stings. Sure it does. But to act in the way that some authors do, resorting to ad hominem attacks and even, in a few cases, illegal activities such as stalking, harassment, and physical violence, is absolutely unethical. If you get a bad review, you should move on with your life. Even if the reviewer missed the whole point by a mile, or gave a 1-star review without stating their reasons, or did any number of things that upset you: get over it. Unless they are engaging in criminal activity somehow, then ignore them.
In this age of social media, with an almost unbridled ability to hide our own identities, we have to, have to, prove that we are professionals in everything we do, from start to finish.

This means that I will not engage in conversation with a reviewer to prove a point, correct, call names, or threaten them. All interaction will be friendly; and if I feel that, for whatever reason, I can't be polite and professional in my words, then I will say nothing at all.
If I am given a negative review, I will not attempt to contact the reviewer to challenge them or ask them to clarify why they gave the review.
I will not attempt to bribe reviewers in any way, shape, or form for a positive review.
I will not hide behind a false name and leave comments on any review, whether positive or negative; nor will I attack other authors to bring their ratings down and/or my ratings up.
I will treat reviewers with courtesy and respect, and if the situation calls for it I will thank them for the time they took to write the review, regardless of the rating they gave.

My business dealings will be fair and I will not attempt to withhold payment from anyone who has a right to that payment.
I will not misrepresent myself or my work, and I will not cheat anyone with regards to any services I might offer.
I will not plagiarize any author, living or dead, and I will give credit where it is due.
I will, to the extent that I can, offer only the highest quality in whatever I do, whether that is writing, publishing, reviewing, or beta reading.

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